About us

We provide professional trucking, transportation, warehousing and logistics services all across the USA. Our extensive network spread across 48 states makes us ubiquitous and omnipresent. Our professional code is based on safety, sustainability and rich customer experience. The latest practices in the industry put us far ahead of our competition; on the road and in the business.

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We build trusted relationships with our clients by communicating real-time updates on transportation and delivery schedules.


Safety of goods, drivers and the motoring traffic is our top priority and we ensure a robust system for the same.


Accountability towards the environment drives us to sustainability and an ecological balance. Thus, we opt for eco-friendly practices.

Service Areas

RED Trucking covers 48 out of 50 states in the United States. So, we practically serve the whole country.



RED Trucking offers these 4 services in the transportation and logistics sector.


This is a family business, they are the best people in the trucking industries, they treat every body with respect.

Red Trucking has been a tremendous partner in Logistics and Distribution. They go above and beyond the scope of their responsibilities to ensure my needs are met. Jessenia personally ensures the projects are completed accurately and timely. Thanks to Ray, Melissa and Jessenia for your excellent work!

Adam Trevino
Adam Trevino

Oct 21

great place for truck deliveries for importing

Great trucking company


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